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When you hear "iFriends", you immediately think of one of the top live videochat services on the web. But did you know that iFriends offers so much more to members than just live video streams? Expand your marketing reach and earn more by marketing these other areas of iFriends.

Phone Calls
iFriends Phone is a top-converting alternative to traditional live videochat. Members can call a model anytime - day or night - and satisfy their needs. They don't have to wait for their favorite model to be online. They can connect one-on-one wherever they are whenever they want. Use our Phone Marketing banners and send users to the list of models offering phone. Operators are standing by...

Phone Marketing is great for:
  • Mobile traffic
  • Users who want interaction but not through video
  • Customers who want models to hear them
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HD Video
Tubes are still a popular destination for users, and did you know that iFriends has its own HD Tube Gallery? Uses can browse cultivated categories, or search for exactly what they're after. All the content comes from iFriends models. Some videos are from live sessions while other videos are created offline and uploaded. A big benefit of iFriends HD video? When a user finds a model they love, they can connect immediately with her in live video chat.

Marketing HD Videos works best for :
  • Tube traffic
  • Users who want to sit back and watch
  • Traffic that wants a preview of live shows
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FanClub Subscriptions
Have users who want to connect one-on-one with a model and want more than just her live streams? Each iFriends model has a FanClub, where users can find fan-exclusive images and videos. Fanclubs also allows users to connect with their favorite model in more ways, such as phone and email. Models keep their bio, a secret fans-only diary, and galleries of HD videos and pictures in their FanClub. Fanclub members also receive exclusive discounted rates for the models pay-per-minute private shows, too! FanClub members receive special treatment from their favorite models when they visit live chat sessions.

Marketing FanClubs works best for :
  • Users looking to learn more about their favorite models
  • Customers who are looking for a discount on live shows
  • Members who want more ways to connect with models
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